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AIDS in the Workplace


















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Welcome to the"AIDS in the Workplace" online program. This program will take about 10 minutes to complete.

    IMPORTANT! This program is meant to provide information of a general nature to employees who are at little risk of being exposed to AIDS in the workplace.

    IF YOU ARE EMPLOYED IN A HIGH-RISK AREA OR OCCUPATION, SUCH AS THOSE INVOLVING LABORATORY WORK, HEALTH OR PATIENT CARE, or PUBLIC SAFETY work, your agency is required to provide you with more extensive training on AIDS. **Please contact your supervisor or agency training coordinator for this additional training.

    You will need access to a computer with Internet Explorer, the Flash player, and speakers or headphones (such as those that come with portable radios) to complete this program.



Click HERE to begin (Please wait 10-20 seconds for video to load.)


** Agencies required by OSHA regulations or internal policies to provide more extensive training on AIDS/HIV/Bloodborne Pathogens, etc., ARE NOT AUTHORIZED to substitute this program for that required training.