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This program is divided into 4 modules (policy, people, liability and self-preservation) which in turn are divided into topics. 

For example, the 'Self-Preservation' module is broken into the topics "transition to supervision", and "delegation".

You may go through the course in sequence or skip around as you like.

The information here is meant to help you get your bearings the first few weeks as a supervisor. It is not meant to be an exhaustive review of policy or cover information you will receive in later training you may attend.

You are encouraged to communicate with your manager and your agency's Human Resources office for help with any issues as you adjust to your new role or for more specific information regarding your agency's policies and procedures.

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Here's the drill:

Each topic follows this outline:

Note that case studies, while based on real scenarios, are abbreviated, generic examples of situations that can occur in the workplace.  They are meant to provoke thought and illustrate ideas presented in the program content and should be viewed as learning tools. Always consult with your supervisor and/or your Human Resources Office for guidance in handling similar situations.

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