This checklist is intended to help you remain objective in analyzing and administering progressive disciplinary action. "No" answers may indicate that more information, further analysis, or non-disciplinary action is required before you move to the next progressive step. You should answer all questions before you decide on a plan of action; then consult your manager and/or Human Resources office.

A. Work Performance Problem (Answer: Yes No)

____ ____ 1. Is the employee adequately performing the work assigned?
____ ____ 2. Does the employee understand your expectation:

A. What to do?†††††††††††††††††††††††††††
B. How to do it?
C. Why to do it?
D. When to do it?

____ ____ 3. Does the employee have access to and know where to find written instructions/procedures?
____ ____ 4. Has the employee ever demonstrated the skill?
____ ____ 5. Is it a skill the employee can be taught?
____ ____ 6. Based on experience/education, is it a skill the employee should possess?
____ ____ 7. Could the employee perform the skill if he or she wanted to?
____ ____ 8. Is the work expected reasonable?
____ ____ 9. Has the job changed?
____ ____ 10. Is there a pattern?

B. Behavior Problem (Answer: Yes No)

____ ____ 1. Is the employee's behavior appropriate/acceptable?
____ ____ 2. Does the employee understand acceptable behavior?
____ ____ 3. Has the behavior been acceptable in the past?

C. Supervisor's Responsibility (Answer: Yes No, except item 6)

Your agency depends on its supervisors to communicate agency policies and practices. Since the supervisor determines job tasks/duties, he or she must communicate job performance expectations and departmental work rules.

____ ____ 1. Have you provided adequate training?
____ ____ 2. Are training resources available within the agency or community?
____ ____ 3. Can the employee function within the work group without using the deficient skill?
____ ____ 4. Do you reinforce acceptable behavior?
____ ____ 5. Has acceptable behavior been communicated with understanding to the employee?
____ ____ 6. What has been the past practice?

D. The Employee (Answer: Yes No)

Before administering disciplinary steps, be familiar with the answers to the following questions: (Answer: Yes No)

____ ____ 1. Is the employee's work record above average compared to the rest of the work group?
____ ____ 2. Is the rule that has been violated a reasonable one?
____ ____ 3. Did the employee know the rule?
____ ____ 4. Did the employee know your work expectations?
____ ____ 5. Did the inappropriate conduct/behavior result in cost to others?
____ ____ 6. Did the inappropriate conduct/behavior result in danger to others?
____ ____ 7. Does the organization have a past record of strict enforcement with discharge for the same/similar offense?
____ ____ 8. Have you discussed this problem with the employee to get his or her point of view?
____ ____ 9. Has the employee been warned previously for violation of this rule?
____ ____ 10. If previously warned, did you communicate the consequences if the employee did not correct the problem?

E. Appropriate Disciplinary Action (Answer: Yes No)

____ ____ 1. Have you defined the objective of the disciplinary action?
____ ____ 2. Have you checked policy?
____ ____ 3. Have you imposed discipline to fit the employee?
____ ____ 4. Have you imposed discipline that is progressive in nature and that fits the incident?
____ ____ 5. Have you set a follow-up date to discuss with the employee?
____ ____ 6. Have you received a commitment from the employee?