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Most online programs require the tools below. Please do not proceed until you've verified that all the items are installed and working. 

1. Internet EXPLORER.   THE PROGRAM WILL NOT WORK IN NETSCAPE. Look for the lower-case 'e' icon in the upper left corner of your screen:

      YES!             NO         NO   
If you do not have Explorer you can download it at the link below.


2. Flash player. If you have this you'll see a spinning ring:
If you can't see the picture then you will need to download the player at the link below.

3. Windows Media Player.  Click on the 'play' (triangle) button at the bottom of this clip. (Please be may take 1- to 20 seconds to load.)
Both audio and video should play. If not, you can download the most recent player at the link below.

5. Adobe Acrobat Reader:
Test: Open state employee service awards policy

Acrobat Reader can be downloaded at the link below.

**If you do not have the required technology, do not know how to download it, or are not allowed to install it, please contact your training coordinator and/or computer services/IT department.**

Free Downloads:

Internet Explorer

Flash Player

Windows Media Player

Adobe Acrobat Reader