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Supervisors: What Can You Do?

[Note: As with the other elearning courses offered on this site, this program requires use of the Flash player and the Adobe (pdf file) reader. You should already have these; if not, please contact your agency IT department.] Also, please disable popup blockers by going to the top of your screen and clicking "tools-popup blocker".

In this program you will review three cases of workplace violence. They represent three types of incidents that can occur in the workplace: those caused by

  • an employee
  • difficulties in an intimate relationship (domestic violence)
  • a client or customer

A fourth type of incident, violence committed by a stranger, is also covered.

At the arrow pointing rightright side of each page you'll find supplemental information such as statistics and video clips. You will also find assorted tools like worksheets, checklists, and assessments. These tools, as well as the NC state government policy on workplace violence, can also all be found at the arrow pointing left"tools" link at left.

In most cases, incidents of workplace violence are preceded by a period of warning signs or growing concerns. And in most cases, there are things a supervisor can do to keep violence from erupting.

As you read through the cases, consider: what warning signs do you see, if any? What would you do if these warning signs were present in your workplace? What actions can you take now to prevent these sorts of incidents from occurring in the future?




IMPORTANT: This program is only meant to provide an overview/awareness level of issues related to workplace violence. It is not intended to be an exhaustive resource. It is essential that you work with your own agency's HR, Safety, and Security staff in developing safety procedures, reporting procedures, intervention measures, and evacuation plans.